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Cable Clip 6 Pack - Bundle A (Black)


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Mfg Part Number:EMCC-6A Manufacturer: Emmisary Development Packs:

Get organized.
Cable clip is the optimum system to control, retain, and route cables going to-and-from various weapon lights, lasers, and switches.

No loose ends.
Keep your cables from protruding off your rail system, minimizing snag hazards, optimizing the look and feel of your firearm.

Endless possibilities.
Guide your cables to the desired location on your rail system and arrange your wires in a way that works best for you and your unique setup.

A new angle.
Angled clips let you push or guide your wires up against your rail, offering you a level of management no one else does.

Each cable clip is just 0.14oz (4g) including hardware.

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