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Chaos Gear Supply, Hekate Direct Thread, Suppressor, 338 Caliber,


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Mfg Part Number:CGS-HEKATE338-DT Manufacturer: Cgs Suppressors Model: Hekate

The CGS Hekate is your ultimate big bore suppressor that weighs 17.9 ounces and has a 10.5 inch length. Featuring CGS’s variable core diameter (VCD) technology, the Hekate boasts incredible sound reduction and flash reduction, as well as repeatable point of impact shift. Its titanium construction gives you the best of both worlds with high strength and a light weight.

This CGS suppressor also boasts interchangeable endcaps so you can choose what will suit your situation best. These end cap option vary in vent sizes, so you are able to tune the suppressor to your host firearm. Whether you’re looking for flash suppression or you want extreme lightweight, these interchangeable end caps will have you covered. In addition to all of these great facts is that the CGS Hekate is also coated with a Boron Nitride layer internally, meaning this is a highly durable suppressor that prevents build up or fouling. Your 338 rifle is truly going to perform like a dream with the Hekate mounted to it.

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