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Fail Zero 6.5 Grendel Type II AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group - No Hamme


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Mfg Part Number:FZ-6.5-Grendel-01-NH Manufacturer: Failzero Model: Fail Zero 6.5 Grendel Type II AR-15 Bolt Carr

Not all Nickel Boron is created equal and FailZero is the undisputed pioneer of Nickel Boron technology. When failure is not an option, you can depend on FailZero.

The 6.5 Grendel Bolt Carrier Group is fully assembled and drop-in ready for most MIL-SPEC upper receivers. All critical parts are coated with EXO Nickel Boron technology providing permanent dry lubricity, extreme durability and increased wear and corrosion resistance. This patented Nickel Boron coating will reduce friction and improve the overall performance of your rifle.

Safety Note: Choosing 6.5 Grendel comes with an added complication. There are “Type I” and “Type II” bolt/barrel specifications out there, and you CAN NOT mix and match parts for each of them without risk of damage and/or injury. Type II is by far the most popular configuration, but pay attention to what you are buying! A Type I bolt won’t chamber rounds in a Type II barrel at all. Even worse, a Type II bolt mated to a Type I barrel will create excessive headspace and result in a rifle that is dangerous to fire.

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