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MAC 2 3-Gun Shotgun


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Mfg Part Number:21000156 Manufacturer: Sds Imports Model: MAC 2

The MAC 2 3-Gun is reliable, easy to operate, and extremely balanced, which is everything a shotgun for the competitive shooter needs. Built around the Inertia operating system for unmatched performance, ease of maintenance and ability to cycle variety of loads without changing parts or adjusting the operating system while maintaining a lightweight form factor. The vent rib style barrel features the Benelli/Mobil pattern choke tube system for consistent patterns that can be tuned to any shot type load and a fiber optic front sight for fast target acquisition. The controls are oversized for easy manipulation and the enhanced loading gate is shaped for easy one handed multi-shell reloads.

MAC 2 series shotguns are designed to be compatible with most aftermarket parts, furniture, and accessories for other Benelli® M2 Shotguns.

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