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Silencerco SCO15 Lower Receiver


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Mfg Part Number:SU4766 Manufacturer: Silencerco Model: SCO15 Color: Black

Since the original SilencerCo Saker lower receivers were released years ago, SilencerCo lowers have been highly sought after.  Maybe it was that Saker release, partnerships with Noveske, or other extremely rare lowers, but collectors have always prized them.  Perhaps it was due to the rarity, or the limited releases combined with top quality receivers, but the demand has led SilencerCo to make a full-featured production receiver.

The 7075 Billet receiver integrates a number of features that both look fantastic and add to functionality.  Ambidextrous sling mount and bolt catch makes it ideal for left handed shooters.  The flared magazine well assist in reload speeds.  With other billet receivers the trigger guard is both integrated and oversized.  Should the shooter wish to utilize a 45 degree selector, the lower can accommodate that with no issues.   To assist in fitment, a rear tensioner bolt hole is included.

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